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    Just like the Ambient Challenges in single player, Red Dead Redemption multiplayer has challenges to complete too. Some of these such as survivalist and master hunter are essentially the same as the single player ones. If you enjoyed doing them before, you'll enjoy doing them again, and yet again when passing through each Legend status.

    You can view the challenges in the pause menu under Journal. The following challenges are listed alphabetically. All challenges give experience points (XP) and also give you a new online title that other players will see with your name.


    Lawbringer requires you to complete all the hideouts in the given order.
    1Complete Pike's Basin250XP, Cow Lover title
    2Complete Fort Mercer250XP, Shining Knight title
    3Complete Tumbleweed250XP, Weed Whacker title
    4Complete Gaptooth Breach250XP, Gold Thief title
    5Complete Tesoro Azul250XP, Sapphire title
    6Complete Twin Rocks250XP, Gemini title
    7Complete Nosalida250XP, Exit Wound title

    Lawbringer II

    Lawbringer II also has you complete the hideouts but in a more challenging matter. For the ones with two hideouts, you'll need to do both without exiting multiplayer. Take your time with these, use cover, and try not to waste ammo for the thrown weapon challenges.
    1Complete Pike's Basin & Twin Rocks without dying250XP, Civil Servant title
    2Complete Nosalida & Tesoro Azul without dying250XP, Deputy Lawman title
    3Complete Tumbleweed & Fort Mercer without dying250XP, Lucky Lawbringer title
    4Complete Tesoro Azul using only thrown and melee weapons250XP, Crimestopper title
    5Complete Gaptooth Breach using only thrown and melee weapons250XP, No Gun Needed title
    6Complete Gaptooth Breach & Solomon's Folly (PS3) without dying250XP, Immune Lawbringer title

    Lawbringer III

    Once again you're going through the hideouts. All four time limits are in actual time, not game time. For #2 and #4, you just need to complete each without dying once. It does not need to be consecutive. If you die, finish or quit the hideout (run away) and retry.
    1Complete Pike's Basin, Twin Rocks, Fort Mercer,
    & Tumbleweed in 24 hours
    250XP, Restless Justice title
    2Complete Pike's Basin, Twin Rocks, Fort Mercer,
    & Tumbleweed in 36 hours without dying
    250XP, Master Lawbringer title
    3Complete Gaptooth Breach, Solomon's Folly (PS3), Tesoro Azul,
    & Nosalida in 24 hours
    250XP, Dirty Justice title
    4Complete Gaptooth Breach, Solomon's Folly (PS3), Tesoro Azul,
    & Nosalida in 36 hours without dying.
    250XP, Untouchable Gunslinger title

    Master Hunter

    Kill the animals as told. #3 and #4 should be no problem for experienced players. The best way is getting off your horse and on your feet (your horse will likely die anyway). They will not enter buildings or other covered structures so you can use doorways as a barrier if needed. Running right behind the predator is a good way to get them without getting you. A pistol is a good way to do some damage before the final kill.
    1Kill 5 deer250XP, Stew Brewer title
    2Kill 5 coyotes250XP, Conservationist title
    3Kill 5 wolves, one using a knife250XP, Wolf Cryer title
    4Kill 5 cougars, one using a knife250XP, The Mauled title
    5Kill 5 elk and 5 bighorn sheep250XP, Hunter title

    Master Hunter II

    More difficult animal challenges. For #1, use a gun to do damage before the final kill with a knife. For the legendary animals, each location has a structure or two for you to hide in. Keep killing the predator waves until the legendary animal appears which will take a lot of damage. Note: The wolves can enter the ruins in Barranca but the others do not. The locations are visible on your map.
    1Kill 5 grizzly bears, one using a knife250XP, Spartan Survival title
    2Kill Lobo the Wolf in Barranca (Nuevo Paraiso)250XP, Lycanthropist title
    3Kill Gordo the Boar in Greenhollow (New Austin)250XP, Lord of the Flies title
    4Kill Khan the Jaguar in Tanner's Reach (West Elizabeth)250XP, Cat Ballyhoo title
    5Kill Brumas the Bear in Bearclaw Camp (West Elizabeth)250XP, Master Hunter title

    Outlaw I - Bounty

    These are simply to gain a certain bounty. My favorite places to accomplish these are at Ridgewood Farm and the large building with the balcony in Chapurosa. Simply fend off the enemies until you reach the required bounty. Their horses add cash too! Beware of other players coming after you when you reach $1000 and are a Public Enemy.
    1Gain a $500 Bounty250XP, Bandito title
    2Gain a $1000 Bounty250XP, Renegade title
    3Gain a $5000 Bounty250XP, Enemy of the State title

    Outlaw I - Public Enemy

    This set of challenges is to gain a bounty of $1000 and become a Public Enemy the required amount of times. Same tips as the previous. Once you reach $1000, you can kill yourself (jump off a building, run out to all the enemies, etc) to reset and do it again.
    1Become a Public Enemy once250XP, Outlaw title
    2Become a Public Enemy 10 times250XP, On the Run title
    3Become a Public Enemy 50 times250XP, Career Criminal title

    Outlaw I - Survival

    For these challenges, simply stay alive with a bounty while enemies are on your tail. Essentially keep your Wanted Meter red for the required time. Get a bounty, and either take out more people or fire a shot now and then to keep yourself in their sights. Easy.
    1Stay alive for 3 minutes250XP, Running Man title
    2Stay alive for 5 minutes250XP, Fleeing Felon title
    3Stay alive for 7 minutes250XP, Maniac Militia Member title

    Outlaw II - Bounty Hunter

    Only one simple challenge for this.
    1Kill a Public Enemy player while you are a Public Enemy too250XP, The Coward title

    Outlaw II - Outlaw Gang

    For these challenges you'll need some help. Get a posse of at least 2 people and achieve the required bounty.
    1Form a posse and everyone gains a bounty of $1000250XP, Mild Bunch title
    2Form a posse and everyone gains a bounty of $2500250XP, Motley Crew title
    3Form a posse and everyone gains a bounty of $7500250XP, Wild Bunch title

    Outlaw II - Public Enemy Killer

    Kill a Public Enemy player the required amount of times. Remember actual players aren't as predictable as the computer characters. Also pick someone of lesser rank so you don't get your butt handed to you.
    1Kill a Public Enemy player250XP, Deputy title
    2Kill 5 Public Enemy players250XP, Sheriff title
    3Kill 25 Public Enemy players250XP, Law Dog title

    Outlaw II - Public Enemy Kill Streak

    Get the required kill streak of other players while you are a Public Enemy. Again, pick someone of a lower rank but you'll be a magnet for everyone, especially those trying to accomplish the previous challenges.
    1Get a kill streak of 3 players while you are a Public Enemy250XP, Yellowbelly title
    2Get a kill streak of 5 players while you are a Public Enemy250XP, Remorseless title
    3Get a kill streak of 7 players while you are a Public Enemy250XP, Public Enemy title


    Some simple gun tricks to accomplish. For #4, steal a wagon (small ones are easiest) and get the horse at a gallop. Your shots won't count if the horse is walking slow. For #3 and #5, take your time and aim carefully. Disarming can be easier on enemies behind cover, who's guns stick out.
    1Shoot 5 birds250XP, Bird Watcher title
    2Shoot 5 rabbits250XP, Exterminator title
    3Head shot 10 enemies250XP, Head Hollower title
    4Shoot 5 flying birds from a moving vehicle250XP, Mobile Bird Watcher title
    5Disarm 10 enemies250XP, Sharpshooter title

    Sharpshooter II

    These are more tricky. Again, be patient for the first two. Use a shotgun or another powerful weapon (sniper) for #3. I got #4 in Blackwater. Once in a while a person in a light suit with a tall hat will ride through the streets. Then I used a sniper to get his hat. Your mount needs to be at a decent gallop to get it, not walking slow. For #5 go around Manzanita Post, Great Plains, or some other area where you'll have 3 different types of animals at hand.
    1Get 2 hat shots within 5 seconds250XP, Hat trickster title
    2Shoot someone's hat and then disarm them within 3 seconds250XP, Hauty Gunhand title
    3Kill a bear with 1 head shot250XP, Bear Starer title
    4Shoot off someone's hat while riding a mount250XP, Hat Flyer title
    5Kill any 3 different types of wild animals within 10 seconds250XP, Master Sharpshooter title


    Just like in Single Player, collect the required amount of plants in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. General areas are given. Easy. Ride at a steady pace and zoom out your mini map to reveal a larger area.
    1Collect 6 Wild Feverfew (Hennigan's Stead, Cholla Springs)250XP, Wild Fever title
    2Collect 6 Desert Sage (Gaptooth Ridge)250XP, Sage Advisor title
    3Collect 4 Red Sage (Rio Bravo)250XP, Sage Bleeder title
    4Collect 8 Prickly Pear (Punta Orgullo)250XP, Raw Paws title
    5Collect 7 Woolly Blue Curl (Perdido)250XP, Survivalist title

    Survivalist II

    Even more plant collecting in Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth. Same tips as above.
    1Collect 8 Butterfly Weed (Diez Coronas)250XP, Doc's Realization title
    2Collect 10 Hummingbird Sage (Tall Trees)250XP, Sage Hoverer title
    3Collect 12 Prairie Poppy (Great Plains)250XP, Prairie Picker title
    4Collect 15 Golden Currant (Great Plains)250XP, Golden Herbalist title
    5Collect 10 Violet Snowdrop (Tall Trees)250XP, Master Survivalist title