Asked and Answered: Undead Nightmare Pack

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Rockstar is answering more fan questions about the upcoming Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption. Check them out below:


“So is this going to be a dream or something or are zombies going to be real in the RDR universe?”UncleTyrone
“I'm pretty sure this is some sort of dream that John is having.”Rodriguer2000

The Undead Nightmare story takes place during the “home” period of the main game, while John is trying to rebuild his ranch but before the end of the game, a period that we imagined took several months. You play Undead Nightmare as John, and it is an entirely stand alone game that runs separately from Red Dead Redemption’s main story. As for whether it’s literally a nightmare or not – you are going to have to play the game and find out for yourself…

“Is that original artwork beside the logo at the end [of last week’s Debut Trailer]... Abigail?”StayFly316

Yes, indeed. You can see her again in all her undead glory above – we are planning to release downloadable artwork of that along with the Zombie Marston art shown last week. Also look out for some more screenshots soon of how Abigail and some other unfortunate characters from the Red Dead Redemption storyline appear in Undead Nightmare.

“Zombie games have been done before. Why’d you do it Rockstar? Just my honest opinion. Love the game by the way”received via Mouthoff

If you still aren’t compelled by our Weird Western take on Red Dead based on the screens, trailer and info released so far – we hope that the features we reveal in the coming weeks will do so and we would still urge you to give it a try come release day. When you see hordes of the undead moving across the plains, in an open world setting, you will experience something entirely unlike any other zombie game and that feels as much a part of classic American lore as the Wild West itself. We think putting zombies into a world that we, and we hope, you all, know and love really works as you already know the characters and the world - and to see them transformed by the undead horde is a big part of the fun and helps make zombies interesting as a theme.

“Hey R* will this DLC get its own Main Menu option?” - oFelipeNFo
“@ROCKSTAR This DLC will not interfere with the ordinary single player will it??? please answer” - LeroyBrown01

Not to worry - similar to how the Grand Theft Auto IV episodes of DLC launched from their own Menu items – the Undead Nightmare will be a separate experience launched from the Main Menu. It will not alter or change the regular single player whatsoever.

“In about 0:41 [of last week’s Debut Trailer] one of the zombies has an arrow stuck in its back... does this mean the bow and arrow are coming too!”makdady12
“0:40 anyone see the arrow sticking out of the zombie?”BuckinAwesome

Apologies for any confusion or disappointment, but that is purely cosmetic as part of the character model of that particular zombie. There is no bow & arrow weapon for use in Undead Nightmare. There are, however, plenty of other fun weapons – including new ones we’ll be unveiling soon.

“wow R* this looks epic! will there be other main characters or just Bonnie and Johnson?” - Minett
“R* can i ask something? What’s with the marshal and Bonnie are we going to revisit them or will they become zombies?” - kbeast38

While of course there’s certain bits of the Undead Nightmare story we don’t want to spoil for anyone – we will be revealing at least a few of the characters that will make a re-appearance – dead or undead. Look for a first post on that before this week is out. But just so you know, from a story perspective, the game is set after the majority of the single player story.

“Rock* How soon is "very soon?" PLZZZZZZ” - Gladi8or300
“@R* Will we find out a release date soon?” - Berty213

Glad to see you guys are getting just as excited about Undead Nightmare as we are! We will be announcing the final release date for Undead Nightmare literally as soon as we ourselves know for certain.

“Is that a blunderbuss that John has?” - LukeG-93
“So is that torch Marston's carrying in the 2nd pic going to be a new weapon?” - TenderBranson
“Is there only one new weapon or more?” - LiL.A.King

There will be a host of new, unique and very fun weapons introduced for Marston to use in Undead Nightmare. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be revealing much more about them – but in the meantime – yes, the blunderbuss and the torch you see in screenshots are two of them.

“Nothing about the zombies bother me except the eyes. Will they die with a couple of good shots to the head?” - tismeah7

In grand zombie tradition, one good shot to the head will put a zombie out of commission. Executions also will work fantastically, as does dynamite for an effective – if messy, approach. Using the new torch to set them afire is also good, but takes awhile to bring them down, so not necessarily wise when facing a swarm. There will also be some other new weapons introduced to Red Dead exclusively for Undead Nightmare that will be great fun for zombie killing. We’ll be revealing more about that soon…

“I'm most interested to know how this plays into multiplayer. I see that there's a promise of "new multiplayer modes", but it's unclear whether those modes are related to Undead or if they're just talking about new general modes. Any clarification R*?” - todominey

There is some great new multiplayer as part of Undead Nightmare – we’ll be speaking more about it soon, but for those with fantasies about killing zombies online… you will be very pleased! Juicy details soon…

“@ R* Do we need all the DLC to play with the undead nightmare one ?” - Byside

No, even if you never downloaded any of the other DLC Packs, you can DL Undead Nightmare and get right into it. Do know though that some of the special features exclusively acquired with previous Packs can be carried over for use in Undead Nightmare. So if you’ve previously downloaded and installed the Liars and Cheats Pack or the Legends and Killers Pack, then you can have the ability to blast zombies with your Explosive Rifle or cleave them with your Tomahawks, respectively. So the Red Dead DLC completists definitely are able to have a bit of extra good bloody fun…

“@R* Hey are the zombie animals going to be stronger/faster than their normal counterparts?”BlackwaterColt

Well, they won’t necessarily be faster considering they’re undead – but they will be a lot more difficult to kill. Good luck!

“Hello Friends at Rockstar again, I have a weird question-- how long does it take to finalize the game or content you release? Like when people make suggestions and they are perhaps taken into consideration then decided on to use that suggestion how long does it take? Will people who are still making suggestions for Undead Nightmare even have a chance of getting their suggestion in the game or is it already finalized?”received via Mouthoff

This is a very good question and hard to get a definitive answer to for all games, as certain kinds of features get locked off and defined much earlier than others do. Undead Nightmare is now content complete. In general, this happens to a large game 3 or 4 months before release and for DLC a few weeks before release, but it depends on the feature. For some features, they simply could never work in the game, and for others, they could have worked but due to earlier decisions could not work even a year or more before a game comes out.

“@R* So can you give a date that you'll be releasing the new outfits for Marston? I'd like something else to do in single player before the zombies release Also can you let us know if there will be new outfits in the Undead pack?” - AfreaknDinosaur

As announced earlier this week, the long-awaited free Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack is coming next week – on Tuesday October 12th . It will include the Savvy Merchant Outfit and the Expert Hunter Outfit along with their related challenges. That Pack will also include the elusive Jackalope for your hunting pleasure – as well as compatibility for those who purchased all previous DLC releases so that other people in multiplayer online can see their new Outfits. Click here for much more detail and some screens. As for new Outfits in the Undead Nightmare Pack – yes, Marston will have some cool new ones. Look for some info and screens on that within the next week.

“@R* Since you did a double xp weekend last week not so long after the previous one, will we see another before X-mas?”Reidbynature

Yes, there will definitely be another Double XP Weekend this year.

“Hey guys the new art work for the zombie DLC looks awesome. I’m a huge fan of the zombie genre... so will this art work be available for purchase as a poster at that will be awesome. Plzz guy's! At least confirm that u have plan's to do this. Btw loving R.D.R more and more! Thanx guys =D”received via Mouthoff

Yes! And thank you! We are actually planning on adding the Undead Nightmare poster to the Rockstar Warehouse for purchase very shortly. Stay tuned, we will announce here at the Newswire when it is available.

“When will we see some more videos of Undead??”received via Facebook

Next week, we will have a brand new trailer for you – and much more...

That's all for this time, keep asking and get in the Red Dead Redemption forums to join the hype with other fans!