RDR Gaming Tips: Staking a Claim in Land Grab

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Rockstar is giving us more tips straight from the Red Dead Developers! Look below for tips on mastering Land Grab mode from the Undead Nightmare DLC!

(RedDeadDev3, outfitted as Zombie Ricketts, throws Dynamite at Logan Wulf to take over The Blackwater Alley in a community session of Land Grab.)

Land Grab takes place within the world of Free Roam and, unlike other modes, is not accessed from the in-game playlist. Once a player has started Land Grab in any of the seven locations, a countdown timer begins. The timer will increment every time a new person captures the post. The person with the most accumulated time at the end of the countdown is declared the winner.

Triggering a Land Grab gives players the option to teleport to an existing land grab in another part of the world or start a land grab at that location. Also, kills inside the circle on the map will be added to the pot of XP that's accumulated during the time the timer is running. Players get a percentage of the pot based on how long they held the area. These are the locations:
  • Armadillo – Look in the corner of the second level of the saloon.
  • Blackwater – In the alley behind the gunsmith shop.
  • Chuparosa – At the front door of the mayor’s office.
  • Escalera – In the courtyard with the fountain, located below the cantina and in front of the doctor’s office.
  • Las Hermanas – In front of the church in the main courtyard.
  • MacFarlane's Ranch – On top of the Foreman’s Office.
  • Thieves' Landing – At the top of the stairs of the raised platform in the middle of the warehouse.

Only one location can be active in each Free Roam session, and once an area has been claimed you will have to wait a few minutes for that specific location to become available again. Now for some pro tips to help you and your mates get to re-possessing some land:
  • Stay low (crouched) when controlling a point to avoid being picked off by a sniper.
  • Posse up to defend the claim and share the spoils.
  • Shotguns/Tomahawks are good for the enclosed/close-quarter areas such as the Armadillo Saloon.
  • Kill attackers to increase the pot and earn more XP.
  • Dynamite is good for clearing out an area. Most Land Grab locations aren't right out in the open, so it will be difficult for your enemies to escape in time. In the same way, watch out for Dynamite if you're currently holding an area.
  • Keep an eye out for dropped weapons from other players as obtaining new/better weapons can always help.
  • Moving is key to staying alive. Players don't have to stand directly on the point of control, but knowing how far you can move around will help. Never stand still.
  • Look for alternate ways to enter buildings when the point of control is inside. For example, the Armadillo Saloon has four different entry points.
  • Patience - waiting for people to clear out is better than going in guns blazing.

If you have any tips of your own you want to share, or have any stories of Land Grab heroics, drop 'em in the comments below. And look for more in the Game Tips series soon! Join the discussions in our Red Dead Redemption forums!